¡HELLO! SALVE ! WELCOME in my Home Page !!! I'm amaprok alias Pegaso2 (or 3 or Pegaso2pr) alias Alex§. I love to know new persons and to CHAT on internet so WRITE ME !!! ( I'm from ITALY and in this period i'm studiing at university about literature an arts. (I have only 1 exam to do ! and my Thesis is about Giulio Carpioni...) Now i'm doing essay about archetips and telvision in the society af 2000 and i'm writing some stories... My interests are: @-computers, æ-literature, ¤-arts, Ö-yoga, Ş-alchemy, sports, music, theatre, psicology, trips and PERSONS from all over the world! (and much more....). If YOU want to contact me, please try to use POWWOW, IRC, my E-mail and some Chats like or or Forum, ok? #Per tutti gli Italiani: C I A O, spero di sentrivi presto, e se avete problemi con il mio inglese, scrivetemi e vi tradurro' tutto ok?, a presto!# GRAZIE/THANKS :)

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